Meet One of Our Residents

Meet Flora ...

Age: 83
Moved into Friary Fields: October 2000

Flora worked for many years as a production line operative at an industrial works in the Newark area and enjoyed an active social life, singing and going to dances and the cinema with friends. Her hobbies included reading books, magazines & newspapers, doing puzzles, word searches and knitting.

Before moving into Friary Fields, Flora had lived in a council run care home for a number of years.  Following an illness, Flora was admitted to hospital and, while there, Flora’s doctor, social worker and carers agreed that her increasingly complex needs could no longer be met by her existing home.

Her husband passed away a number of years ago and the couple had no children, so Flora was accompanied by her social worker when she visited Friary Fields among a number of other homes in the area. We were delighted when she decided to move in with us, bringing some of her own furniture and lots of old photos and figurines for her bedroom.

Flora continues to enjoy word searches and word puzzles to keep her mind active and still likes to read newspapers and magazines.  And you can always rely on Flora to keep you abreast of what’s going on in the world as she is an avid viewer of international, national and local news. 

She does not read many books now, as she says that books today aren’t as good as they were but she does enjoy watching Countdown, Deal Or No Deal and old movies, especially musicals and films from the 50’s and 60’s on TV, DVD and video. 

Flora takes part in our motivational classes every fortnight and really looks forward to our sing-a-longs with the entertainers who visit us every two to three weeks, particularly enjoying the wartime songs. 

Due to the nature of Flora’s illness, she requires a lot of personal support and encouragement to do most daily tasks. She suffers from depression and can be very anxious. Mostly we help by simply listening to her worries, whether this is for five minute or half an hour, until she is sufficiently reassured to carry on with the rest of the day or to continue sleeping at night. And Flora always lets her carers know that she is grateful for their efforts, however small.

Everyone at Friary Fields is very fond of Flora. She’s been with us for a long time, and a number of our staff now regard Flora as part of their own family.

In keeping with our policy of protecting the privacy of our residents and their families, although everything else about this much-loved resident is true, Flora is not her real name.

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  • Over 30 years of experience. Family-run, with loyal staff
  • CQC approved

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