A Typical Day

Nothing can compare with spending a little time with us to get to know what living at Friary Fields is really like.  However, we hope that this insight into a typical day will help you to get a feel for daily life here.

Waking & Rising

If a resident prefers to be woken at a certain time, this preference is recorded in a personal care plan, otherwise, residents wake in their own time and staff provide assistant to who require help, from reminding and prompting a resident about aspects of personal care to providing all aspects of personal care and dressing. 


Breakfast is served in our residents’ choice of the dining room, lounges or conservatory or in their bedrooms.  Breakfast is usually finished by 9am but can be served at any time before noon, for residents who choose to wake and rise later.

Our trained and NVQ qualified cook ensures that all food is nutritious, well presented and tasty. 

Residents can choose from a variety of cereals, toast or bread, eggs prepared to each individual’s preference, fruit, fruit juice and tea or coffee.  And, if a resident would like something which is not on the menu, we will do our best to provide it for them.

Morning Activities

After breakfast, staff help provide personal case for those residents who need help with bathing and toileting while other staff assist other residents with activities.  These may include personal hobbies, setting up board games or playing videos. 

Staff might facilitate reminiscence sessions with small groups of residents or help them with their memory boxes of personal belongings which might include photos, clothing, documents and other mementos to help residents reminisce about their lives.

Residents are also free to use the conservatory or garden at any time, weather permitting.

Lunch (12pm – 1pm)

Lunch is served in our residents’ choice of the dining room, lounges or conservatory or in their bedrooms and although residents can take as much time as they wish during lunch, staff encourage residents to consume their meals while they are hot.

Assistance with lunch is provided in accordance with individual care plans and the requirement on any given day and an additional member of staff is on hand during the busy lunch period.

If a resident is not hungry or simply wishes to eat later, lunch can be saved until they are ready to eat.

Every 4-6 weeks, our trained and NVQ qualified cook meets with residents to present a proposed lunch menu.  Residents at this meeting can request changes before the menu is finalised.  Special dietary requirements, including soft diets and diabetic diets, are catered for.


Staff help residents to set-up games which they then play with minimal assistance to help maintain levels of independence. A wide selection of games is available including chess, draughts, dominoes, bingo, ludo, snakes and ladders, bridge and card games.

Residents are also encouraged to continue any hobbies they enjoy and these have included art/drawing, playing musical instruments (one current resident enjoys playing the piano and electric organ to entertain others), sewing and knitting, gardening, computing either on the Friary Fields residents computer or their own equipment (a current resident has is own pc and is regularly to be found online). 

Friary Fields also has a large collection of traditional and audio books which residents are welcome to borrow.  We also arrange visits from the county library for access to a much larger range of books to suit all interests.

Throughout the afternoon, staff are available to facilitate reminiscence sessions and to assist with bathing and toileting where required. 

Each resident is free to do as much or as little as he or she chooses and this varies from person to person. 


During the afternoon, staff offer residents the choice of options for tea.  There are usually three options including sandwiches, soup, sausage rolls etc, and a choice of cakes.  Hot and cold drinks are also provided and special diets catered for.


Some residents choose to continue with their hobbies while others might watch tv and favourite programmes currently include Countdown, Deal or No Deal, Emmerdale, Coronation Street, East Enders and old movies which are often shown during the day on ITV4.

Your Peace Of Mind Checklist

  • Any time visiting for relatives
  • Approachable, friendly and qualified staff
  • Specialists in dementia care
  • Over 30 years of experience. Family-run, with loyal staff
  • CQC approved

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